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Full Ice
3 Pass Shot

Two skaters from the opposite line skate without a puck
Have a 1 second gap between players
passes are made to two players as they come around the cones
After the two skaters pass the opposite line, the first player in that line skates backwards and receives a pass from the 2nd player in line, goes up ice, and takes a shot on goal

Rim Regroup 3 v 1

D1 rims the puck to F2

F1, F2, F3 pass the puck and regroup with D2

D1 skates to neutral zone, pivots, and waits for rush

F1, F2, F3 skate in 3 v 1 on D1

Center Drive 3 v 1

Forwards come down the ice 3 v 1 on D1

Puck should be moved to wing before crossing blueline

Middle forward drives hard to the net while weakside forward becomes trailer in high slot 

winger with puck passes to trailing forward in high slot area for a shot

Swing The Net

Form 2 lines in neutral zone

Coach dumps puck into to either side of net

2 players battle to gain possession of the puck

Player to gain possession skates behind the net and carries puck to opposite blueline without losing possession

If defensive player gains possession they will skate behind their net and carry puck to opposite blueline without losing possession

1 x 1 Both Ends

D1 starts drill by coming around net and making outlet pass to F1

F2 skates low to act as middle lane support

F1 skates in 1 v 1 against D2

F2 skates around center circle, receives a pass from D3, and skates in 1 v 1 against D1

D3 comes out and becomes D2 and the drill starts over again

Half Ice Drills
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